A Tea Party Surprise {The Wonderful Ordinary 11}

Last week, it was my mom’s birthday. She was feeling, errr, not enthused shall we say about another candle joining the club on top of the cake.

So, on Saturday, we told her to put on her party dress and meet us at Embankment. And off we strolled down the Thames to a surprise Champagne Afternoon Tea at the Horseguard Hotel (chosen because their website assured me that despite the 5* rating they were family friendly).

And family friendly they were indeed. Our little tea party was lovely with plush velvet arm chairs and silver tea pots. Little Miss was good as gold and even managed to keep a little pink bow in her hair for a whole ten minutes. She seemed to know the whole affair was very grown up and clearly enjoyed joining in the fun. Towards the end, however, she couldn’t resist the wide open space of the reception and the long corridor to the side of the lounge. She clambered out of the highchair and scurried off to play hide and seek round the reception area sofas and dancing in front of the mirrors. The blazing fire place was also of particular interest…

The service was a smidgen slow but the tea was delightful with a good mix of mini pulled pork burgers (for me) and cucumber and salmon mini finger sandwiches (for veggie mom) with teeny tiny cakes, mousses and scones. Unfortunately, Little Miss’ enthusiasm didn’t promote table manners the occasion called for, with her scooping the jam with her scone giggling, “dip, dip, dip!”.

Little Miss is lactose intolerant, so I actually baked her some mini lactose free scones to take with us so I wasn’t worrying and she could join in properly, feeling like she had the same thing on her plate as we did but actually as it turned out there were dairy free options available.

All in all, I think we managed to take Nina’s mind off that extra candle. Little Miss and I certainly had a lovely time. 

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9 thoughts on “A Tea Party Surprise {The Wonderful Ordinary 11}

  1. Jenna says:

    Yummy, you definitely can’t be too unhappy it’s your birthday when you get such a lovely surprise. 🙂 Glad your mum had a fab birthday.


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