Welcome to Finding Our Feet

Hello and welcome to Finding Our Feet.

A blog about a 21st century family.

The Other Half and I have been together nearly seven years now, but at four and half, I found myself peeing on a stick. Actually, I peed on two.

We weren’t living together at the time and had no idea what to expect but two years on, we’re still a little rough around the edges, but we’re definitely finding our feet.

As well as navigating pregnancy, surviving childbirth and figuring out how best to persuade a stroppy toddler to eat the spinach curry you’ve slaved over, we’re also living together for the first time, figuring out which bygones are best left and when it’s time to pick up your pitchfork and fight your corner. We’re discovering those adorable little habits on just two hours sleep and trying to agree whether we stay in London or *gasp* move to the country all while doing the online Tesco shop and cleaning an unidentifiable substance off the sofa… (Bye, bye apartment deposit…)

We quickly realised that this parenting lark was a moving goal post. Just as we’d find our feet with one stage, we were already knee deep in the next and Little Miss seemed to be running rings round us in no time.

Now 26, we’re growing up alongside our daughter and the OH’s eleven year old brother and eight year old sister. We’ve got ten grandparents for support and guidance (and babysitting – win!), aunts, uncles, cousins, baby cousins… Our family also extends to some incredibly close friends who have supported us through the past two years (and beyond).

Life doesn’t stand still. We’re always learning, now more than ever, not just as parents but as a couple too.

Finding Our Feet will feature our photography, tales of parenthood, Little Miss and life in our higgledepiggledy family, some product and/or services reviews, comment pieces on family life in the modern world and no doubt one or two surprises along the way.

So whether you have this parenting thing figured out or are just feeling your way through the fog like us, join us as we find our feet.

Find out more about the blog, our family and who we are on our About us page. 


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