Mama needs a bloggy break

It’s been another busy week – though even more so than usual, if that’s possible.

I’ve been to Sarah Beeson, MBE‘s book event, BritMums Live & the House of Mamas launch.

Baby Girl also had another sick bug – that’s been fun.

I’d been looking forward to BritMums Live for so long. Two whole days of talks, sessions, networking, chatting to like minded people, sharing a passion for parenting & blogging – & there was promised to be tea & cake. What was not to look forward to!?

But in reality, the whole thing was quite intense & overwhelming.

And on the Saturday morning, they ran out of tea!!! Thankfully the venue were quick to rectify this insanely rookie error (it’s a mummy conference for Pete’s sake!) & peace & harmony was restored.

But I’m sad to say that overall, I left feeling uninspired and exhausted, asking myself, “why do I blog?!”

I met some lovely people and it was great to catch up with some old faces I’ve met at previous events but I also met some people who weren’t so friendly, which was disappointing.

Where as back in November, after BlogFest ’14, I came home absolutely buzzing, raring to go with hundreds of ideas for how to take my blog forward, this weekend I came home feeling as though I might just throw in the towel altogether.

In hindsight, I think I’m tired. Between looking after Baby Girl, job hunting, interviewing & blogging, I haven’t had a moment to myself for some time now. Any spare time I have is spent trawling job listings or trying to pull a blog post together – I’ve been lucky to get one live a week this past month.

I feel I need a break. Those who don’t blog won’t realise the amount of work that goes into it. A single post can take multiple hours to put together; writing, editing, re-editing, designing, photography & photo editing… Then there’s the promotion; Facebook, Twitter, multiple blogging networks to add your latest post to… whether a post goes live or not, I spend at least one to two hours per day keeping up with other blogs I follow online & finding new ones, networking via Twitter, etc.

A fellow blogger recently called it a hamster wheel & I can think of no better analogy.

Amidst all this, I feel guilty if Baby Girl catches me on my phone or those days when I’m watching the clock til nap time when I can get stuff done.

I’ve said before on the blog I feel I would appreciate the time with her more if I had some time away. In truth, I think I would appreciate the time with her more if I wasn’t constantly thinking of everything else I had to get done in a single day.

So, it’s decided. I’m taking a break.

I’m on holiday with the girls (no Baby Girl or Oh! ah!) next week, which originally I had expected to take my laptop and do one or two hours of writing a day – probably in the morning before the rest of the gang are up because my body clock doesn’t allow for lie-ins any more! But instead, I think I’ll take a book & actually take some proper time out for myself.

Of course, I’m completely addicted to social media, so you’ll still find me on Instagram – my happy place – & no doubt Twitter (either as myself @amiecaitlin or as my blog profile @bumpbabyme). But Facebook & my other platforms will go quiet over the next few weeks while I take some time to recharge & reassess what I really want from blogging.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who has read & supported the blog over the last 18 months. You’ll probably never know how much it’s meant to me that someone more than my mom & the OH reads my blood, sweat & tears (though I do also appreciate their never ending support as well).

While I take a little break, why not check out some other awesome parent bloggers and some uber cool fashion bloggers:

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And an Instagram shout out to New Young Mum who’s photos of the beach always make me happy (& uber jealous!)

I’m so sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!


18 thoughts on “Mama needs a bloggy break

  1. Tanita says:

    You sound absolutely amazing why Have I never found your blog before and I would have loved to have met you at britmums! I hope you have a well deserved break sometimes that is all we need to recharge and get ourselves back on track. There is nothing wrong with that and actually I think it is paramount to any success that we want to achieve. Xxx

    • amiecaitlin says:

      And the award for the best blog comment ever goes to…! But thanks! Always nice to hear!
      To be honest, there was so many people I didn’t even get a chance to see a few I’d arranged to meet beforehand; we kept missing each other! Hopefully the break will do me good, get me back on my feet in more ways than blogging. x

  2. Sarah Howe (@RunJumpScrap) says:

    Aww I think so many people felt like this after BritMums. You are not alone. It was a bit overwhelming especially the digital footprint talk!! I came back feeling exactly like the hamster wheel analogy!! I love it and I love the social media side but the writing, reading and linkies is hard work. I respect your decision and thanks so much for including me in your list! Will keep an eye on your social media and have a fab break xx

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Thank you; yes I’ve read a few along these lines. I didn’t actually go to the digital footprint talk but it’s something that weighs heavily on my mind for all the reasons I don’t use Baby Girl’s name or full face on the blog. A lot of guilt that I blog at all sometimes.
      And no need to thank me for being in my list; your hello was so lovely on the Friday saying you recognised me, how I could I not!

  3. Amy Duthie says:

    A great post Amie. And so very true. I simply haven’t had time or energy to blog in recent months and coming back to it again I definitely feel a bit more inspired. But you’re right, you need to work out what you want your blog to be for you- an outlet, a route to employment, a way to work flexibly… There are so many options now. It’s such an exciting time digitally but also incredibly overwhelming. Enjoy a well enjoyed break and a bit of instagramming!! Xx

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Thanks, hopefully it will be just what I need. Good to hear from the other side as well. Was very pleased to see your new post in my inbox this morning, was a lovely surprise! x

  4. Adventures of a Novice Mum says:

    All the best as you step away to reassess and recharge; it’s a good thing to stand and stare without the thought of what one needs to do next. The blogging hamster wheel gets really tiring, as one juggles it with real living. A need to step away and rest one’s legs … to review and strategize the way forward is essential at different points. #TheBloggingMumsClub

  5. adi says:

    Amie, I rarely comment on your blog, but I love your writing. I discovered your blog at 3am one night, when I was pumping for my (very) preemie baby. And I have read it ever since. Our children are around the same age, and I strongly identified with your posts.
    I do hope you decide to come back! Enjoy your break!

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Wow, I’m touched. Thank you! And thank you for taking the time to comment when it means the most. I really do appreciate your kind words & that you’ve identified with what I’ve written over the past year or so. Means a lot.
      I hope your little one is going from strength to strength now.

  6. Louise says:

    Hope you enjoy taking that step backwards and having a break and thank you for linking back to my post – as you know, I felt very similar after Britmums and it’s been good to refocus and remember why I started blogging and what’s important to me. There is a lot of social media and self-promotion that comes with blogging and it is very hard to keep up with it all. Enjoy your blogging break and being able to spend that focused time with your Baby Girl x

  7. Adele @ Circus Queen says:

    Everyone gets jaded now and then. I’ve thought about throwing in the towel SO many times. But at the end of the day, I love blogging, which is why I do it. I think if you stop feeling the love, taking a break is a great idea. Hopefully you’ll come back to it with a restored sense of balance. Also, blog conferences can often be overwhelming. Reading this makes me glad I’ve only been to BlogCamp this year. I’m being pulled in enough directions as it is.

  8. Jules says:

    Ah thanks for the mention 🙂
    I have breaks sometimes too. It’s healthy, especially when your a mum. I also save some posts that I can schedule to take the pressure off (still need time to write those though lol).
    Hope holiday was gorgeous. Now off to check your Instagram for photos to make me wish I was there x

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