New shoes! {The Wonderful Ordinary 9}

What do you mean Daddy’s boots are too big? But my feet have grown!

Just two months on and Baby Girl has already outgrown her first pair of shoes. Crazy.

She got a blister on the arch of her foot about three weeks ago, so we popped back to Clarks to get her remeasured. They said she was on the cusp and recommended I waited another week or two until she was definitely the next size up.

Then Monday, she woke up and I couldn’t get her shoe on her foot. So that was that.

To be fair, the signs were there and Baby Girl was trying her hardest to communicate that the pink, frilly, polkadot pumps just wouldn’t do anymore. (Thank God.)

We’ve gone for something more summery this time; no more sweaty toes for Baby Girl! And at only £18, these felt positively frugal compared to the £32 I shelled out last time.

Though we do seem destined to only be able to purchase the girliest of shoes in the shop. At least neon colours are in fashion this season?

Showing off her new swag to Mog. I think he approves.

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4 thoughts on “New shoes! {The Wonderful Ordinary 9}

  1. Heledd - Running in Lavender says:

    He he he my two are always doing this too with my and my husband’s shoes. It always makes us all laugh. Bless her little pink sandals and cute bunny!!! There’ll be no stopping her now. Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment and it was so lovely to see you over the weekend Amy xxx

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