First weekend away from Baby Girl: it begins

So, I am sat in the car on the way to *location omitted as currently a secret from the Hen* for a very old friend’s Hen Do – my first ever Hen Do. 

I am majorly excited. 

My mom spent the night last night to look after Baby Girl today as I was leaving at 10:45am, then the OH is flying solo from this evening until my return on Sunday evening. 

It’s a big weekend for us all. 

Baby Girl was in a funny mood this morning, she knew something was up & kept trying to take things out of my suitcase – slightly unhelpful! She also wouldn’t say good bye to me or let me hold her. Which was quite hard as it felt like I didn’t really get to say good bye.  But I’m feeling ok at the moment, only very, very mild separation anxiety. 

The OH has been left a crib sheet to refer to if in need, with the all important, “CBeebies is channel 121” at the bottom. 

The crib sheet is more for my piece of mind though. The OH isn’t your average guy. I’ll return on Sunday to find the apartment spotless, laundry done, Baby Girl with extra meals in the freezer. He sometimes gets a bit frazzled about timings for Baby Girl during the day but I’m confident they’ll have a brilliant time. 

As will I! I’m ready for a few days away to be someone other than Mama. After the tough month with the MMR & Leap 9, I’m raring to go!

See you on the other side…


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