Me & You: May 20

IMG_0448Last night was date night once again & this month, we had planned ahead to avoid committing the ultimate parenting faux pas once again of having a baby sitter & nothing to do!

The back story…

Christmas 2013. I was heavily pregnant & everyone was struggling with ideas of what to get me. I didn’t really need anything, clothes (usually a Christmas fail-safe ) were definite a no-go zone & the only things I could come up with were baby related, which no one was willing to buy me. “It needs to be something for you,” they all said.

So, I suggested theatre tickets to use before Bump was due in the February, knowing we probably wouldn’t get much of a chance after he (yes, I was convinced Baby Girl was a ‘he’) arrived. The OH was particularly keen on The Book of Mormon, especially as the tickets were well out of our price range.

So my parents kindly bought us two tickets to see this notorious musical. Alas, we never got to go. Unfortunately, they booked the actual tickets rather than a redeemable voucher without asking when we were free. The OH had his last hurrah before fatherhood in January, a week long boys’ ski trip… Guess when they booked the tickets for…

So we gave the tickets to the OH’s parents instead, who said they would buy us another pair when we found another date we could go…

17 months later…

We finally got to see The Book of Mormon!!

I was right; we didn’t get a chance to go to the theatre after Baby Girl was born. It was indeed, rather low down on the to do list, even for me, a total theatre nut.

But two months ago, we planned ahead & booked two tickets to see The Book of Mormon. We had amazing seats – centre of the front row of the dress circle (it pays to plan ahead!).

Now, we’ve all read the reviews. “It’s amazing!”, “sidesplittingly hilarious!”, “not-to-be-missed!”. So I was expecting great things from The Book of Mormon, even though I’m not the biggest South Park fan (the OH is) & had originally suggested these tickets so that we would both enjoy the theatre rather than just me.

Well. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much in the theatre, so continuously throughout a performance. (And I’ve seen a lot of shows!) It was absolutely brilliant.

I cannot recommend this show enough; if you have a date night opportunity, go see this show. The tickets are expensive, but worth every penny.

The only downside to a theatre date night (on a weeknight especially) is that it’s all a bit rushed.

The OH scooted out of work at 5pm so we could meet for dinner beforehand, but I ended up held up on the phone to a recruiter regarding my job hunt at the moment.

So eventually, we met at  Bone Daddies Shackfuyu in Leicester Square about 6:30, giving us just 45 minutes to wolf down some (awesome) modern Japanese food and practically run to Piccadilly where the theatre was. (Me not being so used to heels these days, this was fun. And I ended up with a stitch.)

If you’re a Londoner, you need to check out Bone Daddies Shackfuyu. It’s a great little place that “playfully highlights foods current in Japan today”. I’d recommend the Korean fried chicken wings (OMG.), picanha beef (my favourite of the night) and prawn toast with BBQ sauce (so, so good).

And the Bone Daddies Punch – you might want a few of these.

Bonus Date Night!

This month, we’ve actually been lucky enough to wangle two date nights! I mentioned the other week my mom took Baby Girl for 24 hours as between the MMR reaction and Leap 9 we needed a break.

To be honest, we both just wanted to sleep. But determined not to waste some child-free time, we dragged ourselves to Street Feast at Dalston Yard – “the food market that knows how to party”. If you hadn’t realised yet (given most of our date nights revolve around food in some way or another) we’re big foodies, the OH in particular.

Baby Girl actually joined us at Street Feast last year at just three months old. But now she’s toddling, we fear this might just end with her having various types delicious dishes thrown on her head as she trips everyone up running between their legs!

We had great visions of Street Feast sans Baby Girl; beer, good food, music… The reality didn’t disappoint: the food was delicious (Kimchinary, Korean burritos, yes, really, were mouth-wateringly good), the beers were cold & we even bumped into some friends we didn’t know were going. But at 8:30 we turned to each other & said, “I’m knackered. Shall we go home?” We were in bed by 9:30pm and slept for a eleven straight hours.

Utter bliss.

At 8:30 when we woke up, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. I was bouncing round the apartment, not used to so much energy & we actually struggled to find things to do to fill the time until my mom brought Baby Girl back that afternoon! All we kept saying was, “what did we do before we had Baby Girl on a Sunday?”

And that’s when it hit us. If we could go back in time and have baby-free lives again, we would be so efficient. We’d probably have solved world peace by now if we had that kind of time again!



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