Parenting Hack #5: makeshift door latch cover

Every parent knows the situation all too well: bambino has finally fallen asleep and you’ve managed to successfully transfer the sleeping cherub from your arms to the cot.


You start backing away, slowly, silently, like a ninja and you ever so carefully close the door behind you…


The door latch. That damned door latch! And so bambino is awake. Again.

Many parents now invest in ‘Wrap and Naps’; basically pieces of cloth with a loop on each end you wrap around the door handles, preventing the door from latching or closing properly.

But as new (younger) parents, we’re on a tight budget and I the option to make my own is pretty much non-existant as I can barely even sew on buttons successfully. (Back in the day, the teacher actually asked me not to consider Textiles GCSE… as if I ever would!)

So, instead, I suggest a bandaid. (Sorry; ‘plaster’). A friend of mine used sellotape, but in a rented property, we can’t risk the tape removing the paint work. A bandaid (‘plaster’) is gentle enough it won’t take the paint off, but strong enough to hold the blasted door latch at bay. And the little extra padded cushion in the middle of a bandaid (get over it) also helps cushion the door ever so slightly. Win.


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