Me & You: April 20

We recently discovered comedian Aziz Ansari (thank you Netflix!). A quick aside – watch his stand up, cry with laughter, thank me later. In his show, Buried Alive, he talks a lot about family life & relationships. I’ve searched high & low for a video clip to show you, but sadly the particular bit I want to share isn’t available so I have to share it in written form, which doesn’t do it justice. So if you have Netflix, fast forward to 18:02 minutes or you can download the bit from iTunes (track 6) for £0.79 if you are so inclined. In his own words;

You want to have a depressing conversation? Talk to a couple that just had a kid. Ask them about the last night they went out for themselves. They will describe the most boring, typical, mundane, evening out with the same enthusiasm a normal person will describe… a three way sexual experience. [For example…] “So we go back to my house, I’ve got these two, really hot girls.” “So we go to the mall. I’ve got two tickets to Rango.” I know what you’re thinking, Aziz, shouldn’t you update that to a more recent film? No. These people go to movies that are old as shit. They’ve been trying to see Rango for a couple of years now…

While I wouldn’t say our situation is quite that bad (yet), last night’s date night wasn’t quite what date night once was…

This month, we wanted to do something fun together. Not that dinner isn’t fun, but I felt we should do something more with the precious time we had. But the Other Half has had a chest infection since last week & though now has antibiotics & is on the mend, he wasn’t exactly in the mood for date night (understandably). But he insisted we took the opportunity to go out just the two of us.

My mom couldn’t get here until between 7 & 8pm so we said we’d eat at home to save money then go out for the evening. I called All Star Lanes to book a slot – in six years, we’ve never been bowling together, can you believe. Turns out they reserve all their lanes for customers eating Tuesday-Saturday. Bugger. Put that one in the back pocket for another time then.

However, it’s now 3pm, on the day of date night, we have a sitter booked but nothing to do – the ultimate parenting faux pas. Determined not to waste a baby sitter, we checked the movies; timings didn’t really work out as they were all 9pm starts, which meant finishing after 11pm, which wasn’t great for the OH with work the next day. (I know, I know, just so rock’n’roll.)

We considered a walk in the park – but I spend most days in the park so wasn’t overly keen.

A walk down the River Thames – it’s not that warm yet in the evenings once the sun goes down.

The OH went to book go-karting – awesome! – but their last session was at 6:30pm. Oh. Next time…

“I know!” said the the OH, “we’ll go to the Mile End Climbing Wall. That’s different & interesting!” So he started on dinner while I finished bed time with Baby Girl, ready to head off once my mom arrived.

But in reality, when we were sat on the bus, the OH said, “actually, I’m quite tired… we could just go to the pub for a drink?” At which point, we realised, he couldn’t drink because he’s on antibiotics.

And we just started laughing, saying, “we should have just got tickets to Rango!”

And so we got off the bus not at the climbing wall, or the movies, or the park, or the pub…

Instead, we went to a little ice cream ‘parlour’ in Stepney Green. Cookies & Cream is a strange little place. Black tables, black boothes, black walls, club-style music blasting from the plasma TV at the back… it’s kind of like a club, but you eat ice cream instead of drinking alcohol. And there’s no dance floor (that we found). So I had the brownies with ice cream, the OH had a Twix shake, coming to a grand total of £10. So at least we managed to save money as we intended.

In January, we said the point of these date nights was to spend some time just the two of us, without Baby Girl. So in some ways, it was actually a resounding success…

After chatting away the evening, we were home by 10pm, yawning & ready for bed. We are officially middle aged before our time. But it’s ok, we have next month’s date night booked well in advance, tickets purchased in March and a sitter booked already. So we’ll redeem ourselves then…


3 thoughts on “Me & You: April 20

  1. jenniferhowze156 says:

    I feel your pain. We’ve started going out for drinks only at date night — going to 2 or 3 places to make it more of an event — rather than dinner as we tend to get so tired! Plus, I’ve already seen Rango. (LOOOOVE Aziz Ansari.)

    • amiecaitlin says:

      I like you’re style! We might try a bar crawl next time… crawl it definitely would be! Thanks for taking the time to comment. (And I’ve already seen Rango as well – hours of breastfeeding in the early days meant I had plenty of time to catch up on old films on Netflix…)

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