A walk in the park {The Wonderful Ordinary 5}

She looks so small!

Today, for the first time ever, I took Baby Girl out without the buggy or the carrier.

I.e., she just walked beside me. I felt this was rather momentous.

We only went to the park near our apartment. But this isn’t just any park – it’s more of a woodland. We walked around it during my labour; it was where we went for Baby Girl’s first outing the week we brought her home; we hosted her Naming Day picnic there & she’s gone for a walk in the carrier come rain or shine probably every week since she was born in this park.

And today, she got to walk around it for herself.

I carried her there (road safety & all that) & popped her on her feet when we were inside the gate. Her little face lit up when she clocked where we were; like she too realised this wasn’t just any trip to the local park.

I let her decide which paths we took & which plants we looked at. (Though we spent most of the time staring up into the trees looking for birds, Baby Girl’s current fascination.)


“This way Mama…” Girl after my own heart, she leads the way, no excuses or apologies.



I did carry her on & off; between the adventuring & excitement, she got tired quite quickly and would suddenly turn and pull at my jumper, asking for a rest. So for the time being I won’t be venturing far without the buggy or carrier – arms wouldn’t last!

Most of the time, she’s just Baby Girl to me. But then I have afternoons like this, that I suddenly see her differently – she’s changing every day & becoming her own little person so quickly. Makes you realise, blink & you’ll miss it!

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3 thoughts on “A walk in the park {The Wonderful Ordinary 5}

  1. heleddinlavender says:

    Not a baby anymore, she’s become a gorgeous little toddler. Your right they change every day! I realise that with my two and a half year old, who’s fast becoming a little girl. Thank you so much for linking up xxx

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