A change is as good as a rest

Since Baby Girl’s first birthday, if I’m honest, I’ve started to feel/realise/accept that singing nursery rhymes, changing diapers and watching the clock to check how long until snack time/lunch time/dinner time/[insert other daily routine element here] isn’t really enough.

Everyone said I would reach that point. But even in January as I started job hunting – because I had to, not because I wanted to – I wanted to be at home with Baby Girl rather than returning to work.

I’ve mentioned before I got made redundant when I went on maternity leave. So unlike many women, I haven’t had an ‘end date’. We all know the ups & downs of job hunting; I keep saying I’m on ‘extended mat leave’, but the reality is I’m unemployed & ‘a stay at home mum’ (SAHM for future reference).

The fact I kept avoiding calling myself that should have been my first clue that being a SAHM wasn’t my ‘end game’…

Last week, however, I had a bit of a change of pace. (Hence why the blog has been so quiet.)

I had a rather busy week with an interview on Tuesday and some freelance work on Thursday. Luckily, it was my mom’s last week before she starts back at work four days a week so she was all to eager to help with childcare. So Baby Girl & I decamped to Hetfordshire for four days so I could prepare in peace beyond a 40 minute nap time & without being surrounded by colourful all-singing-all-dancing plastic.

As I pulled ‘Professional Amie’ out from the back of the wardrobe mom & Baby Girl sauntered off to the swings to enjoy the sunshine. I’d be lying if at this point I didn’t just want to sack it all off & sit in the sun! But I didn’t.

On the Wednesday, I dutifully stayed indoors preparing for an ‘Understanding Social Media’ workshop I’d been asked to run by an old contact for her new firm. They’ve decided the company needs more of a social media strategy, but like so many, couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

And finally, this weekend we were then at my in-laws’ as the Other Half & I have been saying we’ll refurbish The Little Auntie & Uncle’s old cot for pretty much a year now. At long last, with Spring arriving, we made a start & got it sanded down & the base coat done while GranPam looked after Baby Girl for us. (And Baby Girl was in her element following The Little Auntie & Uncle round all weekend, playing with their toys & the three dogs.) 

This evening (Sunday), for the first time in about a month, I feel more revved up & ready to go with Baby Girl. I’ve had pretty much five days with someone else being in the hot seat for Baby Girl. Although I’ve been busy & I’m shattered, especially after four night’s unbroken sleep (Baby Girl doesn’t sleep as well away from home) it is indeed true what they say; a change is as good as a rest.

Check out what’s been keeping me sane this past year without me even realising it:

  • Bump, Baby & Me
  • The ParentCast; launched in March 2013 with two other first time mum.
  • Bubele; managing their social media accounts, now editing the monthly partner newsletter & launching their blog in May 2015.

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