Eskimo Kisses {The Wonderful Ordinary 4}

When I was little, my mum used to brush her nose with mine & say that was how Eskimos kissed. She said it was so cold their lips would stick together if they kissed properly.

(This was the 90s, people were only just becoming aware of racial stereotypes & what was considered PC…)

So since Baby Girl was born, without thinking, I would brush my nose with her’s & say, “Eskimo kisses!”.

Today, as I have done a thousand times before without thinking, I said, “Eskimo kisses!” and went to brush my nose with Baby Girl’s & before I even started to shake my head, she had lent in & started shaking her head, giggling.

As a result, we’ve now exchanged many Eskimo kisses today, all with lots of giggling. I was so excited the first time she did it I did a little wiggle in the middle of the pub garden.

And this is what I’ll always remember about my second Easter as a Mama.

The day Baby Girl gave her first Eskimo Kiss.

Happy Easter

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