Me & You: March 20

Love is: two chicken sauces together… right?

Friday was the 20th, which means, date night.

We had grand plans to head to #HawkerHouse; an indoor food market we like but haven’t managed to get to since Baby Girl was born. We went when I was pregnant & saw a few with buggies, the littluns donning their ear defenders & we thought, “brilliant! We’ll bring Bump when he’s born!” But the reality is we just never seem to get round to it…

Alas, plans are made to be broken. I had flu last week so we nearly didn’t make it out at all. But thankfully I’m on the up now – just in time for our mini break! – so forced us out the door for the all important ‘us’ time.

We’d also already booked my mom to babysit & unfortunately we’ve learnt the hard way to take these opportunities then & there. Because Baby Girl doesn’t really follow plans so you never know when the next opportunity may come about.

But back to the date. Incase my paracetamol wore off & I started flagging, we decided to leave #HawkerHouse for another time (i.e. probably never again… sad face) & opted for Chicken Shop just down the road. Definitely not a second best option: rotisserie chicken, crinkle fries, corn on the cob, no fuss, no muss. What’s not to love?!

And it has to be said, it’s one of the perks to being together six years; I can genuinely enjoy my food rather than worrying about what the OH thinks. Because let’s be honest, no one is attractive eating melty-buttered corn on the cob!  


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