Brilliance in Blogging Awards: nominations

IMG_7360Every year, BritMums hosts the BiBs – Brilliance in Blogging Awards – at their BritMums Live! event in the summer.

Yesterday, voting opened for this year’s awards & closes at midnight on April 12th.

It goes without saying that I would be absolutely over the moon to win one of these awards.

Bump, Baby & Me has been my sanctuary for the past seventeen months, my little thing just for me at a time in my life when I could have so easily lost myself in diapers, nursery rhymes & bodily functions. It’s helped me rediscover my love of writing & kept my brain active during a year off work. 

It’s been a learning curve, not just about becoming a Mama but also in ‘the art of blogging’. 

To everyone who has read my blog, thank you so much for your support. You don’t know what it feels like at the end of the day to log on & see ‘x’ amount of people have come to my blog to read the ramblings of a sleep deprived new Mama. 

But, dear reader, I have a favour to ask of you.

To be shortlisted for a BiB, you must first be nominated by the masses. So, if you have ever enjoyed my blog, please take just a moment to nominate me here using the information below. You can only fill in the form once.

BiB2015x350nomfamilyIf you would like to nominate me, please do so in the Family category:

These blogs that share the laughter and tears of family life, telling stories that elicit a-ha’s and understanding from all of us. They are honest and open about the realities of family life and we love them for it.

NB: the Family category is at the end of the nomination form.

The information you’ll need to fill in the form about me & my blog is:

Blog Name: Bump, Baby & Me

Blog URL:

Blogger’s Twitter ID: @bumpbabyme / @amiecaitlin

Blogger’s email:

Why do you feel this blogger deserves to win? [insert your own answer]

URL of your favourite post on the blog [choose your favourite]

If you have a favourite post in mind, search a key word in the search bar on the blog in the top right of this page, beneath the website header. Or contact me & I can help you find the post you’re looking for to save you trawling through seventeen months of posts!

Stuck for ideas? Here’s some good reads & the most popular posts from the past seventeen months, but please do feel free to use whatever post you like from the archives. 

Personal: Bump becomes Baby

Baby’s Development diary: The Wonder Weeks: 5 months and leap 5

Humour: Baby Girl’s Treasure (condoms)

Photography: Baby Girl’s first year in pictures

Review: Baby’s Day Out: Tate Modern

Editorial: Birth Stories: why we need to share

Video: Parenting Hack #3: runner’s foil blanket

Thank you so much for taking the time to nominate me.


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