She Speaks! Part 3

For the past few months, there has been great speculation over whether or not Baby Girl has begun talking or not…

I documented our wonderings on the blog in January (She Speaks?) and February (She Speaks? Part 2) with the first definite word appearing on our Surrey Staycation when Baby Girl met the ‘doggies’.

Well I am very excited to say that we are now 100% sure Baby Girl has started talking.

The couple of weeks leading up to her first birthday saw Baby Girl’s vocabulary suddenly flourish. And within the space of only a few weeks, we suddenly have a whole plethora of random words. We’re classing these as words based on two things: one, the correct sounds and two, the correct context. There’s a few that have either/or which I mention further on, but these are the first definite words:

  1. all done
  2. uh oh!
  3. oh dear
  4. Daddy
  5. doggie
  6. Upsy Daisy
  7. Daisy Do
  8. Kak, kak (‘quack, quack’ – as in, the duck noise)
  9. tea (when pointing to Mama’s mug – I realise this gives away how much tea I must drink for this to be a first word!)

I’m trying not to take it personally that ‘Mama’ doesn’t feature yet. She knows who I am; if you say, ‘Let’s find Mama,’ she goes off looking for me. But the closest we’ve come is that when something is wrong, she babbles ‘mamamamama’. I guess I should take solace in the fact that perhaps this is her seeking me out when she needs comfort?

We also have the correct intonation for ‘peek-a-boo’ but completely the wrong sounds. She disappears behind the coffee table & reappears with a big smile saying, ‘ah hoh!’ with the same intonation I use for ‘peek-a-boo’. (Basically, high-pitched.) So I’m taking this as a word based on the theory I spoke of in She Speaks? Part 2 about intonation vs. sounds.

Baby Girl also has a few set phrases of sounds that she repeats regularly… but I’m yet to figure out what they mean.

And she very firmly has the hang of shaking her head for ‘no’.

But for any readers who aren’t parents forced to watch the joys of In The Night Garden; Upsy Daisy is a crazy haired, dancing, badly singing character from Baby Girl’s favourite TV programme. Upsy Daisy’s key phrase is, “Upsy Daisy, Daisy Do”. And whenever she comes on the screen, Baby Girl says, ‘Uhsee Dayee’ and when Upsy Daisy says ‘Daisy Do,’ Baby Girl dutifully repeats it. It’s very cute.

Baby Girl’s little bestie, ‘Baby E’ gave her an Upsy Daisy doll for her birthday, which talks when squeezed. And Upsy Daisy has had to come with us on every outing ever since. Every time Baby Girl sees her she scurries over and greets her with a giant smile , a cuddle an “Uhsee Dayee!”. Which is just adorable.

The week before her first birthday, Baby Girl also took her first steps. I stripped her off on the changing table as always before her bath and popped her on the floor. She’s now standing unaided and was waiting for me to give her my hand so we could walk to the bath together as always. I turned around and said, “to the bath!” and before I could give her my hand, she just walked off! Baby Girl was as shocked as me; after three steps she looked up utterly surprised and slowly lowered herself to crawling position.

This has happened a handful more times since, but we haven’t seen the sudden increase in ability the way we have with her speech. Apparently this is very common as babies subconsciously choose a development path, master that, then come back to complete the other one. In this instance, Baby Girl has chosen talking.

This theory makes a lot of sense to me, especially if you look at how quickly Baby Girl’s bestie Baby E and bestie boy G, progressed from one or two steps to toddling happily round the room.

To be honest, I expected Baby Girl to be slow to walk. The fact she took any steps before her first birthday was a win! She was just six months when she started crawling and had real incentive to do so: if she didn’t figure out crawling, she didn’t go anywhere. Where as with walking, she has an alternative way to get around, where’s the incentive?

It makes absolute sense, then, that Baby Girl has focussed her efforts on communicating and is only wobbling one or two steps from the coffee table to me (or as is more the case, the iPad!). And I can feel everyone who knows me reading this rolling their eyes saying, “shock horror, she’s a chatterbox like her Mama…”



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