Baby Girl’s first year in pictures

Click each photo to read the full story.

Approx ten hours in: staying active in labour


The first time I held Baby Girl after 25 hours in labour


2 weeks old


We love bath time


3 months: Baby Girl’s first holiday to France


4 months: teething…


The time we both wore dungarees


When we bought the puzzle piece flooring


5 months: Baby Girl’s Naming Ceremony


6 months: Baby Girl’s second holiday to Italy


6 months: painting with Spag Bol


9 months: Baby Girl’s first kiss under the mistletoe


10 months: the time the Other Half surprised us at Water Babies & joined in the lesson


11 months: Baby Girl’s third holiday, a Surrey Staycation


11 months, 3 weeks: the race is on for Baby Girl to take her first step before her first birthday





21 thoughts on “Baby Girl’s first year in pictures

    • amiecaitlin says:

      We didn’t take many; but the OH took quite a few of Baby Girl while they cleaned her up, etc. I have to admit, can’t say I was too concerned about photos once labour was really under way!

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Thank you very much. Sadly we have quite a collection of Baby Girl slapping me in the face like that… Maybe that can be the theme of photos for her 2nd birthday!

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