Baby Girl’s birthday week

In seven days, Baby Girl turns one.

One year old.

I have a toddler.

When did this happen?! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. It has been incredible, scary, exhausting, amazing, so full of joy & love. It’s hard to remember what I did with my time before Baby Girl. She’s so active these days that I spend most of my time running round moving the iPhone chargers out of reach (she’s already broken two by chewing on them) or pulling her out of the shower (?!) or wrestling her into her clothes for the day, or, or, or…

We’ve been incredibly lucky. She suffered very minor colic due to her lactose intolerance in the early days but slept well as a very young baby. We had a few months of difficult nights from four months but on the whole she has been a delight. She makes us laugh & look at the world in a new way & notice things we as adults never would. She brings so much absolute joy to our lives, that to be honest, only another parent would understand.

I know, I know, every parent loves their child & thinks they’re a child prodigy with the sun shining out of their behinds. But I’m going to be one of those moms anyway, because my baby is one next weekend.


We made it a whole year & didn’t kill, maim, scar or mentally damage (I don’t think) her in any way. Huzzah!

So, to celebrate Baby Girl’s first birthday, I’ll be posting a blog post every day this week celebrating Baby Girl’s first year.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl. May your second year be as amazing as your first. x


2 thoughts on “Baby Girl’s birthday week

  1. Katy (What Katy Said) says:

    Awww I have a just turned one year old too- where does the year go??? Hope she has a lovely birthday xxx

    • amiecaitlin says:

      We’ve just had a bit of a blow actually – we’re getting Baby Girl a tipi for her birthday but apparently it’s going to be a week late. The lady making it said there’s been a delay with her material supplier. But yes, the year has just flown by!

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