Me & You: February 20

IMG_0192This week marks the second in the Me & You series as the Other Half & I make time for just us now we’ve got to grips with this parenting lark.

We’ve been staycationing at my in-laws’ this week while they’re away for half term. Baby Girl has fallen slightly in love with their Italian au pair so we took the opportunity to ask her to baby sit.

You may remember I didn’t cope so well with the overnight separation from Baby Girl last month… (I can hear the OH muttering, “understatement of the year” as he reads this.) Although there was no overnight sleepover anywhere this time, it was the first time we’ve left Baby Girl with anyone but a family member (90% of the time being my mom). So I felt a little apprehensive.

Well, I’m happy to report there were no tears – from myself or Baby Girl. I happily skipped off to dinner after bedtime & she slept soundly through to morning. Huzzah!

The OH & I went for dinner again – Thai this time – at a lovely restaurant on top of a car park over looking the city. I must admit, when he said it was on top of a parking lot, I was quite sceptical. It doesn’t exactly scream romance…

But I was pleasantly surprised. There were fairy lights, a rooftop pond & cocktails as big as my head. Had the weather been warmer, it would have been lovely to sit out on the terrace looking at the city lights. But as it’s February, actually, it was quite handy being on top of a parking lot as it meant we barely had to go outside.

Oh, & apologies to everyone else trying to enjoy a quiet Thursday night dinner if my cackling laughter was distracting. Blame the OH. It’s all his fault.


2 thoughts on “Me & You: February 20

  1. JeniQ says:

    congrats on finding some time for yourselves! this is so important, and something we as new parents keep forgetting to prioritize. hope you guys had fun together 🙂

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Giving ourselves a specific date each month has really helped; we plan ahead, know we need to book a baby sitter some time around the 20th. Not that spontaneous but if it means we get some time, that’s the important thing. Thanks for commenting

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