Baby Girl’s new room

IMG_0187IMG_0185I have mentioned before, we have the joy of living in a furnished, rented apartment. As such, Baby Girl’s room came with a double bed, which takes up rather a lot of the space. IMG_0184And we’ve never been able to have the little nursery we wanted. Which, as silly as it may be, always got me down. (Especially with pregnancy hormones raging.)

Well, dear readers, I have news.

The bed is gone.

Despite its faults, our apartment does have a surprisingly large storage cupboard. (Win!) Shortly before Christmas we managed to
clear enough space (thank you dad for finally collecting the various IMG_0189boxes we were storing for you & to the in-laws who took away containers of baby clothes, a Moses basket, etc etc…) to fit the mattress & half the divan base into said cupboard.

Et voila. Baby Girl’s room has been transformed.

Baby Girl if often found scurrying off to her room to play. She seems to love having the space  to play, sprawl, crawl, climb, throw stacking cups, throw books, pull clothes out of drawers, pull blankets out of the wardrobe, or pull all the cuddly toys out of her basket… As I was saying, it’s lovely!

There’s still some work to be done; not least, replacing the 3/4 sized travel cot we have (which she’s rapidly growing out of!) with her cot bed that’s been patiently waiting in the wings.

And we’ve decided on a bit of a theme for our little explorer… We’re slowly but surely creating an adventurer’s playground. Maps, hot air balloons, vintage planes, whatever else strikes our fancy that inspires adventure & imagination. I’m in Pinterest heaven.


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