Parenting Hack #2: fennel tea cures wind

IMG_0179 When I was a baby, I was very windy. Apparently, the only thing that soothed me was fennel granules mixed with warm water. (Yum?)

Baby Girl was also a very windy baby. She screamed through the discomfort at night. Oh those joyous early days…

We tried Infacol, it made her constipated); Detinox did nothing but made her smell of dill… When we realised she was lactose intolerant, we thought things would improve; it did not.

By six months I was willing to try anything. But I couldn’t find these mysterious fennel granules anywhere. So we tried fennel tea. (Twinings, of course; only the best for Baby Girl.)

We dipped a tea bag two to four times in the boiling water in her bottle before adding the milk. (We would fill all her bottles for the day in the morning, adding the milk at time of feed; one tea bag worked for about four bottles.)

It was magic.

Though her wind didn’t disappear completely, it was vastly improved. She would burp almost instantly after a bottle & things seemed to pass easier out the other end too.

She also had cooled fennel tea water in her sippy cup when we started weaning, & she pretty much tooted her way through mealtimes.

We stopped using the fennel tea at about 9.5 months & haven’t needed it since. But if you’re struggling, I can’t recommend it enough.

And at £1.50 per box of twenty tea bags, it’s a blot cheaper than Infacol or it’s alternative as well!

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