Baby Girl’s treasure

The other week, Baby Girl discovered how to open cupboards. And ever since, she has opened every cupboard & drawer we have. Including the two in our bedside tables.

Our bedroom is already a bit of a treasure trove for her as we try to keep the door closed & use it as the room where ‘untouchables’ live. For example, when she became overly intrigued by the vacuum & then it fell on her head, it started living in the bedroom. There’s an iPhone charger on each side of the bed, which she thoroughly enjoys chewing on. There’s pens, glue sticks & ribbons galore in a box under the desk (my ‘craft box’, which is a great source of contention in our household. But I insist on having one.)

In short, when the bedroom door is open, Baby Girl does her excited ‘panting’ and crawls double speed towards it.

But back to our bedside tables.

I was putting laundry away, so Baby Girl had been allowed to follow me in, where I could keep an eye on her. She was very excitedly opening & closing the cupboard door on the Other Half’s side of the bed, pulling his watch out, chewing on it, casting it aside & moving on to whatever she could find next.

I could tell she had found something rattly & dutifully asked, “what have you found, Baby Girl?” Her little smiling face turned around & she clambered up onto the bed to show me.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think anyone could be so happy about a box of condoms.

IMG_0136Quick side note: I dread to think how old these are as we haven’t used any since we fell pregnant with Baby Girl nearly two years ago (note to reader: don’t trust Durex).

But regardless, it turns out the OH has quite the collection. Because a few days later, Baby Girl had found another rattling box…




7 thoughts on “Baby Girl’s treasure

  1. Heledd says:

    Ha ha ha this is brilliant and will be a very funny conversation to have with your daughter in twenty years time. Looks like she’s been on the hunt for them too! Why do they always seem to find the one thing you don’t want them to? Best Captured moment of the week!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

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