A mother’s pride & a friend’s talent

IMG_6210Last night, I attended the gig of an old friend. She’s been plugging away at her music since we graduated Uni in 2011 & I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen her perform in nearly two years; it was just before I fell pregnant.

In our final year at Uni, Sophie & I had bedrooms in an attic conversion of our 6 person house. She was a morning person. I, to this day, am not. Even after a particularly heavy night out, Sophie would spring down the two flights of stairs, IMG_6209smiling & chipper – usually humming to herself – down a Barroca & often start her day with a run. I did none of these things. In fact, I spent these mornings not-so-quietly cursing her from my pit where I wallowed as she practised fa-la-la-la-ing in the next room. Perhaps I should also say Soph is classically trained & at the time was part of OpSoc (Opera Society to me & you). Those mornings were bleak…

However, four years on & not in a hungover state, those scales were worth it. Seeing her perform last night was absolutely incredible.

Her music is dark (unexpected for someone so chipper!), sexy & heartfelt. I was blown away by how much she has changed as a performer. Her voice has really matured & filled St. Pancras Old Church with nothing but her keyboard to keep her company.

I was already feeling emotional thanks to support act Harry Phillips. His song, Coming Home, written for his mom, basically saying how much he loves her was just a bit much & got the tears flowing. Apparently motherhood has ruined me. (Also well worth a listen; his voice was stunning & he was a dab hand at the guitar too.)

Then about half way through Sophie’s set, I was struck suddenly by how proud her mom must be. I’ve seen friends perform before & strut their stuff in their own amazing ways. But this was the first since Baby Girl was born. And suddenly I get it. I now understand why moms cry at ballet recitals or dads have to take a thousand photos at graduation. The amount of pride I feel when Baby Girl manages to shake a maraca is overwhelming. God help me if she ever has a song played on the radio!

Sophie’s song Home started to gain traction last year, getting her noticed by BBC Introducing. 

I realise I’ve already had a cheeky plug earlier this week, but I can’t help but shout about Sophie’s music from the rooftops. She’s come a long way from OpSoc & is just going from strength to strength. But I bet she still starts her off days with a Barroca…

Download Sophie’s new EP, Treading Water, on iTunes now.

Sophie Ray on Facebook
Sophie Ray on Soundcloud

Harry Phillips Facebook
Harry Phillips on Soundcloud
(He said he’s not very good at the social media stuff, so help him out, go say hi, but bear with him if he’s slow to respond.)


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