Me & You: January 20 (+ 4 days)


Following on from last week’s Me & You post, this weekend the Other Half & I celebrated our 6 year anniversary.

It was also the first time I have spent the night away from Baby Girl.

In an attempt to put my words into action, (both Mojo & Me & You) I decided it was time the Other Half & I had some proper time to be just us again. So, my mom took Baby Girl from about midday on Saturday until around 1pm on Sunday.

I’d actually been looking forward to the weekend, despite the impending separation from Baby Girl. We were planning baby-free shopping trip (rare for me), dinner, drinks & a lie in on Sunday morning. Excellent.

But by Friday evening separation anxiety was setting in & I was feeling quite nervous. Saturday morning, I cried twice. At one point I didn’t know if I’d be able to leave Baby Girl & actually called my mom to say don’t come. She was already on her way. Which was probably just as well as I think the Other Half might have lost it somewhat if I hadn’t followed through with our night off…


Looking ‘traumatised’, packed & ready to go for her sleepover with Nina on Saturday.

When mom arrived, Baby Girl clapped & giggled. She just seemed thrilled. We bundled her into the carseat, she continued waving her arms & kicking her feet. Once in the car, she was still smiling. When they finally drove off, I cried. Again.

The Other Half gave me a hug & a cup of tea. After 10 minutes he went & closed the nursery door saying, ‘First things first, close this so you don’t look in or we’ll just be wiping tears all day. Now, no more moping. Time to enjoy the afternoon.’

Being out of the house was definitely better. I started to relax as I received a text saying they were back at mom’s & Baby Girl seemed to be happy exploring, getting into everything.


Ready for date night in my new un-baby-friendly skirt. Mojo creeping back slowly but surely.

I even managed to spend all my birthday money buying a very un-baby-friendly skirt & a new pair of boots. I also spent £66 in BabyGap, which made me feel happier about abandoning Baby Girl taking a break this weekend.

Originally, we’d been planning to go away for the night. But we failed dismally to find anywhere within our budget that wasn’t more than an hour or so away (just in case) with space available. So instead, we spent the money on a sushi dinner & cocktails. (We love sushi.)

We went to Sticks ‘n’ Sushi in Covent Garden. The service was a little slow, but the food was awesome; modern twists on traditional sushi dishes. The Other Half had even pre-arranged a glass of champagne at the table when we arrived – nice romantic touch.

IMG_0022Then we decided to be sophisticated & order a bottle of Azure Sake instead of cocktails. Error. With the sushi it was bearable. But in between dishes, if I’m perfectly honest, it tasted like Sainsbury’s Basics vodka slapping the back of my throat. (And yes, I’m ashamed to say I do know what Sainsbury’s Basics vodka tastes like. There were some dark student days.)

So I’ve decided, sophisticated or not, I don’t much like Sake. But at £60 a bottle, I did my best. The glasses were very cool though.

Quick aside: incase you decide to visit Sticks ‘n’ Sushi, they don’t include VAT on their menu prices. Bad restaurant etiquette in my opinion, but luckily we hadn’t already blown our budget. Though we were close once the VAT was added.

My phone was glued to my pocket all day, just in case. I received a text about 5:30pm saying, “Evil child! She’s throwing raisins & peas at me & laughing!” Bravo Baby Girl. Bravo. But at dinner, it sat quietly on the table beside me, with only a short update about 11pm saying, “all’s quiet”.

Sunday, we had planned a leisurely morning with a lie-in, lazing, maybe some Xbox & bacon & poached eggs. It was going to be glorious.

8:30am. We both looked over to find the other wide awake. Safe to say, 10 months of early mornings with Baby Girl has ruined us. So we lazed in bed for all of 30 minutes before deciding we wanted bacon. (The Other Half would like to interject here: “No, you kicked me out of bed demanding bacon.” You to decide which is more likely…)

We also have a new sideboard arriving tomorrow as our current kitchen shelving solution is hopeless with a baby who crawls, climbs & uses shelves full of pans, cookbooks & a Le Creuset dish to help her stand (AH!!). So after breakfast we used the baby free zone to unload & dismantle the shelves & thoroughly clean the kitchen in preparation for the sideboard. I know. We’re so rock ‘n’ roll.

As the morning progressed, I got more & more excited about seeing Baby Girl. As silly as it may sound, after only 24 hours, I’d really missed her & couldn’t wait for a cuddle.

When they arrived, Baby Girl was just coming-to in the car. I got in to unstrap her & seemed to give her the fright of her life. She looked at me like she had no idea who I was. Which wasn’t quite the hello I was hoping for.


Baby Girl seemed happier to see the Xbox controller than me on Sunday morning… These are tears of laughter… honest…

Once we got upstairs, Daddy got a cuddle & a smile. When Nina (my mom) came in from parking the car, Baby Girl crawled straight to her with a big smile. She just kept looking at me betrayed & questioning. I’m not going to lie. I was quite upset by this.

Eventually, she started playing peek-a-boo with me round the coffee table. I finally got my cuddle & all was well.

Though this evening, it seems Baby Girl was missing Nina as 30 minutes after she went to sleep, she was bolt up right in the cot crying out. This went on for a while… Looks like we’re back to business as usual.

Better start thinking what we want to do on February 20!



4 thoughts on “Me & You: January 20 (+ 4 days)

  1. natasham says:

    Glad you’re getting your mojo back with the fab skirt and date night!! It takes getting used to (leaving baby) but it’s a good thing, for all of you. My cousin was at Sticks n Sushi on Saturday night too. It’s on my “to go” list xx

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