She speaks?

Every parent anticipates one milestone more than the rest. You’re proud when they clap for the first time, your thrilled when they sit up, crawling is met with joy & dread.

But that moment, when suddenly the babble becomes a word. That’s the moment we all look forward to with baited breath.

What will it be? When will it be? Who will she say it to? Will we miss it?

Well, today, we think our wait might be over.

At lunch, The Other Half asked Baby Girl if she was ‘all done’ & she replied, “aw dah”. This happened three times, once even with the sign language signs (hold up both hands & turn them back to front).

So we’re stood there, shocked, amazed, excited, wondering if this is actually it. Is this her first word?

It makes perfect sense to be as she hears it at every meal time, with every bottle & we’ve used this phrase consistently because of the sign language (we only have 5 signs we use, we’re not really into it – more on this another time).

Or are we just hearing what we want to hear?

Any more seasoned parents out there got any ideas?


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