Mama’s first birthday

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. My first as a Mama. And it was perfect.

The Other Half took the day off & I opted for the relaxed, quiet day, just happy to spend it with my two favourite people.

IMG_5793We’ve had a good run this week. Baby Girl slept through 7pm-7am three nights in a row. So I woke up on my birthday feeling more rested than I have in a year. Which was a nice surprise!

We went for a long wintery walk through Victoria Park, tea in hand.

Lunch at Loafing; a small cafe I’ve been wanting to show the Other Half (it’s always rammed on weekends – not hugely buggy friendly). And because it was a quiet Thursday, we had the run of the place, so we could let Baby Girl roam around, which she liked. It was relaxed, the food was delish, & the cake. Oh my. The cake.

IMG_5661There’s a long standing joke (of sorts) between the Other Half & I. You see, I love to bake. And every year I bake him a birthday cake. Victoria Sponge, extra jam, as requested. And the past few years it has been decorated in the theme of a movie he’s recently been obsessed with. Last year, it was Despicable Me. This year, Guardians of the Galaxy.

IMG_5797And as his birthday is only 14 days before mine, he always reminds me, he doesn’t do cakes. Which to be honest, I’m fine with. Because he’s such a good cook,  if he tried his hand at baking, he’d probably be better at it than me. Which I wouldn’t like.

So this year, he was pleased I got a slice of chocolate & coffee cake from Loafing. And so was I. Because it was divine.

In the evening, the Other Half made a Spag Bol to end all Spag Bols for dinner, with beef & pork mince from Ginger Pig. (My favourite. I am the Spag Bol Queen.) And just as we were serving up, Baby Girl’s winning streak of sleep ended. 7:30-9pm was a series of ‘pat, pat, pat, sh, sh, sh – leave the room, wait – pat, pat, pat, sh, sh, sh…’ It was as though she knew there was something special going on & she was missing out.

Or maybe she could just smell the Spag Bol (also her favourite).

But despite the slight interlude to our evening, it was probably the best birthday I’ve had.




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