Parenting hack #1: baby got a cough? Tilt the cot

IMG_0177 This one comes from the Other Half’s cousin who has two under two’s (brave man).

When you have a cough, or lots of mucus (lovely), the doctor tells you to sit up in bed to help all the icky stuff drain off your chest. It’s a bit tricky to prop a baby up in their cot given we’re not even supposed to have bumpers for fear of suffocation. Imagine if we started piling pillows round them to help them sleep upright…

But Cousin E suggested putting books under one end of the cot to tilt it to help Baby Girl when she had a cough. This was she slept propped up without even realising.

Well, last week, Baby Girl did indeed have the sniffles & a chesty cough so we tried it out. And it worked a treat. She slept almost all the way through the night, only waking when she turned a little too vigorously & rolled to the end of the cot!

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