Crawling into 2015

Last year, at thirty-odd weeks pregnant, the size of a whale & as heavy as an ox, I wasn’t in the market for resolutions. Quite frankly, I felt very strongly I owed myself & the world nothing. (I didn’t much enjoy pregnancy, to say the least.)

So instead, I made a list of things I was hoping for. And I’ve been pretty lucky. The only thing lacking a year on is my ability to knit. (But let’s be honest, what the hell was I thinking!? Clearly the baby brain was worse than I realised.)

As for this year, truth be told, I’m completely lacking enthusiasm for the New Year. Hence why I’m still struggling to piece together my 2014 reflection piece late on the 31st, on January 1st, on January 2nd, lagging behind the rest of the blogosphere.

It could have something to do with the fact I’ve been nursing the Other Half with a serious case of flu & a chest infection (on his birthday no less!) whilst stacking cups on my head & making forts out of our kitchen table with Baby Girl in a desperate attempt to entertain her whilst we’re house bound… Maybe…


I spy a Sophie keeping watch…

But also, how can 2015 possibly live up to 2014? I gave birth for Pete’s sake. I have a daughter now. How on earth do you top that?

[long pause while I figure out what to write next to actually make this post interesting & not simply a long, depressing moan…]

It’s ok people, the few days of mulling has done me good. I’ve got something positive to write!

Yesterday morning, whilst drinking my tea (Baby Girl was diligently ‘helping’ me take [tear] down the Christmas cards before the Birthday Boy surfaced)  I read an interesting article* by Ruth of dorkymum on her quest to find a word for 2015. This word will stay with her throughout the year. It will focus her & guide her in everything she does.

This has really resonated with me. So today, I decided; no resolutions, no wish lists, just a word. But I’m a bit behind the curve here so I don’t actually have a word yet…

Step 1: I’ve signed up to Susannah Conway’s free 5 Steps to a Word crash ‘course’ & I’ve given myself until Monday to figure it out.

So. Here we go. Here’s to 2015…

*Thanks to Annie Spratt of Mammasaurus for featuring Ruth’s quest on her blog. Or else I may never have found it & found my inspiration for this year.

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