A quiet New Year’s Eve

It’s ironic, really. The most eventful year of my life has come to a very quiet close.

The Other Half’s flu got much worse over the weekend. Fakemas with my family was postponed on Sunday & yesterday we ended up at hospital having a chest X-ray on doctor’s orders.

Today, the antibiotics finally seem to be kicking in & he surfaced for some toast.

He’s hauled up in bed & I’ve been sleeping on the sofa in a vain attempt to reduce my chances of catching it. Though I started coughing last night…

Poor Baby Girl is climbing the walls, or more accurately, tearing the living room apart in her boredom. The Other Half’s GQ is shredded. The laundry basket has been emptied onto the bathroom floor. Even a Dora the Explorer treat couldn’t save us yesterday. So I had to call in the back up.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/76f/59093889/files/2014/12/img_5534.jpgMom arrived early afternoon (with donuts!) & whisked Baby Girl away for the day. Meanwhile we went for the x-ray & I dashed to the shops to stock up on formula & baby nibbles in case I catch it. Ain’t no way I’m worrying about cooking soft-but-lumpy-salt-free-risotto if I’m dying like the Other Half has been!

This morning, Baby Girl kept pushing the bedroom door open & rushing in to find Daddy as I chased after her, scooped her up & airlifted her back to the living room. As soon as her feet touched the ground she was off on all fours scurrying back to the bedroom. It seems we created a new game… me!


Quick! To the bedroom!


So all in all, we’re facing a very quiet New Year’s Eve. Our plans have been cancelled (sorry again to those who now need to seek bubbles elsewhere!) & the Other Half’s birthday plans for tomorrow are in significant limbo.

All I’m hoping for now is a peaceful night from Baby Girl so I can enjoy a glass of wine surrounded by bubbles of bath variety (I won’t be sitting in a vat of champagne!) & a good movie to bring in the New Year.

Actually, that sounds a pretty good New Year’s Eve to me!


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