Baby Girl’s foot fetish

I’m starting to come to terms with the fact Baby Girl may have a foot fetish.

When she first started gnawing at our toes, we laughed it off; “she’s teething, isn’t it cute,” we said.

When she started chewing her feet; “she’s discovering her body, how clever!” we said.

When she started playing with the laces on our shoes & then pulling all the shoes off the shoe rack; “she’s exploring her environment, how sweet,” we said, as we put them all back & hid the expensive ones higher up.

Now, every time the laundry basket is within reach, she finds the socks. No matter how low I bury them in the basket. And then she crawls around holding a pair. (I have no idea which socks are clean & which are dirty anymore, there’s so many strewn around the apartment!)

It is time to move from denial to acceptance.

Our baby has a foot fetish.


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