Feeling Christmassy… ish…

This weekend marked one year since the Other Half & I moved in together & was Baby Girl’s 9 months birthday.

We had planned to put our Christmas tree up – our first ever (we didn’t have one last year as we weren’t spending much time here over the Christmas season). And to visit a lovely little Christmas Fair at Hackney City Farm. There was going to be mulled wine, Christmas tunes (much to the Other Half’s dismay) cinnamon biscuits…

But that was not to be.

Instead, late on Thursday night, I started throwing up. By 2am, I could barely move for my aching limbs. Baby Girl followed suit shortly after. On Friday the Other Half worked from home & I spent most of the day semi-conscious beneath the duvet. By late Saturday night, it was his turn.

So, our weekend consisted of a Netflix Christmas movie marathon (with a Disney’s Hercules interlude, which, by the way, is awesome) and generally lots of sleeping. On Saturday afternoon, there was a brief moment in time when all of us seemed to be ok, so we nipped to a friend’s who has just come back after 8 months in Thailand. But it was short lived.

Luckily, Baby Girl seemed to have the lightest hit of the bug and the Other Half & I managed to be at our worst on different days so we could take turns entertaining her while the other one wallowed.

But we were determined to put up our Christmas tree. So on Sunday evening, we manned up & got our Christmas on.

The tunes were on, Baby Girl was trying to eat twinkly lights, it was glorious. In a, we’re-so-ill-you-have-to-laugh-or-you’ll-cry kind of way. We decided to give the champagne a miss for today.

Now let me prepare you. Because our tree is really quite something. When you see it, you’ll understand why it seemed such a struggle for us in this state. Prepare yourselves for the amazingness that is our first ever family Christmas tree…

I mean, wow, right.


On the plus side, Baby Girl can’t reach it if it’s this small & on the side… so we thought…

Our tree. In it’s full 3ft glory. With it’s whole 6 decorations. And yes, that is a hedgehog on top.

Ooooh yeeeeh.

We are young, new parents who insist on living in London’s zone 2. There’s very few pennies going spare each month. Christmas is tight this year. Our tree, was £5 from Tesco; the decorations & lights we already had & the hedgehog… well, he’s one of Baby Girl’s finger puppets. His name is Hedgy. His sidekick is Piggy, but there’s no room for him at the Christmas Tree Inn.We had thought we’d get a star or an angel at the Christmas Fair. But we didn’t get to go. So we have no star or angel. Instead we have a hedgehog.

And so our first family Christmas tradition is born. Baby Girl will get to choose a different toy every year for the top of the tree.


“These don’t look very tasty crackers to me…” thought Baby Girl


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