Mama Badge: Train Change

IMG_5048.JPGThis weekend my dad, Baby Girl & I went to visit Great-Grandmo aaaaall the way up north in Sunderland.

(For those who haven’t sampled the delights North of the Watford Gap, this is practically the Scottish border but a bit to the right on the coast. Ie, bloody freezing. And definitely better in the sun!)

IMG_5047.JPGVisiting Grandmo, unfortunately, includes a long-ass train journey. Which before Baby Girl, I enjoyed the three hours of reading & napping. I’ve always loved a good train journey (opting for the Quiet Coach, obviously).

I don’t enjoy train journeys so much anymore. While one up from a long car journey, there’s no reading or napping involved these days.

And you have changing a baby on a moving train to contend with.

Changing Baby Girl is difficult these days at the best of times. She point blank refuses to sit still. It took me 46 minutes to change her diaper & get her dressed on Friday morning. 46 minutes. Give me strength. Look at what I had to work with on the train. You know it’s small when a baby looks big!


But we managed it. Without her falling into the sink – or the toilet. And with this, I feel I’ve earned another Mama badge. Like Brownie badges, but for Mamas. The Train Change badge; for changing Baby Girl on a moving train, in the tiniest of spaces known to Mamas.



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