IMG_2402.JPGAs Movember draws to a close, I couldn’t be happier.

On October 31, the Other Half went into work and said, “Amie isn’t keen on the idea of me with a mo. And besides, I can’t grow a moustache anyway!” So of course, his colleagues sponsored him.

a) To see how long it would actually take him to grow a decent face of hair and
b) because they thought it would be funny to irritate me.

Thanks guys.

Well, it’s the final weekend of November & in the last ten days or so, his fluffy top lip has finally become a proper ‘tache. And he keeps walking around stroking his top lip, saying, “I’m mousatchio, pistachio!”… It’s really time for Movember to finish…

But it’s all in the name of a good cause. So to celebrate, Baby Girl & I thought we’d show our support. Mosistas, join us on the #Misstache or #Mosista hashtags & give our boys a final push this weekend.

But come Sunday, I’ll still be sponsoring the Other Half to shave it off. Failing that, 12:01am on Monday, I’ll be taking a razor to him in his sleep.




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