To Do


People say, “it must be nice not having to work for a year. Nothing to do but look after Baby Girl or whatever.”

Yes, that would be nice. Let me know if you ever meet a mom like that. And if you do, ask her how much she pays her army of help.

The reality is quite different. This week’s To Do list is somewhat depressing. It’s now so long I’ve actually had to split it into sub-to-do lists across two pages.

1. Home – all the basic things about home & family from The Tesco shop for this weekend to Christmas presents. (Christmas is really not helping with the length of my list.)
2. Blog – following attending Blogfest a few weeks ago Bump, Baby & Me is getting a bit of a facelift. Watch this space.
3. Bubele – a London parenting app I’ve been acting as a marketing consultant for over the past six months. It’s just gone live in the App Store as a public beta… Again, watch this space.


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