I don’t usually like to post two consecutive days in a row. But when I realised what day it was I couldn’t resist.

I’ve had the Timehop app for about a year. I dip in & out. But in the last few months I’ve been struck by how much time has passed & how much my life has changed.

Seven years ago, I was 18, teaching English in China. I was one of about 20 Westerners in the whole town of Wuhu (approx 1 million people). They’d only got traffic lights ten years before & were still getting to grips with them. Culture shock doesn’t begin to describe!

Four years ago I was in dissertation hell. (I say hell, I actually really enjoyed writing it. If you are so inclined, you can read about The Impact of Environmental and Educational Factors in the Graduation and Drop-out Rates of Hispanic Students in the USA here. But I won’t be the least bit offended if not.)

Two years ago even I wasn’t pregnant, I was in Birmingham dressed as a Mummy (ironic?!) getting drunk in some club with a witch, a few zombies, a dead soldier & a bloody nurse.

But six years ago today, Timehop tells me I was uploading some very special photos to Facebook. Last night, it was six years ago since the infamous ‘Gatecrasher night’ during my first term of my first year at Uni.

After a few months of debating if to a certain boy I was just his best mate (who he sent very mixed signals to & flirted with endlessly!), I realised if I didn’t make a move another girl (no names) might. And my window of opportunity would be lost forever. So naturally, the only way forward was shots. And then I spilled my heart out, in a very slurred, not particularly cohesive manner.

I was wrong. We were just friends. (And who could blame him after that performance!) At least, we were for another two months.

And now we have a baby together.

Read our full story here.


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