Weaning Roundup: Stage 1

We’re well into stage two (Chewing) now so this is rather overdue. But better late than never!

So. What of smooth & slurpy Stage 1?

It’s all about flavour. They’ve had nothing but milk their whole little lives & suddenly an amazing world of flavour opens up to them. Take it slow. It’s a lot to take in. & it’s best to try not to introduce more than one new flavour a day in case they have any allergic reaction. That way you’ll be able to pin point exactly which flavour caused the reaction.

We gave Baby Girl about five teaspoons (baby spoons) per meal at the start. By the end of stage 1, she still would only take about five to eight spoonfuls but she was more adventurous with flavours & venturing into thicker purées with the odd mushy bit here and there.

Baby Girl’s Favourites:IMG_3711

  • rusks
  • pea purée
  • apple purée
  • mashed banana
  • Spag Bol
  • beef, carrot & potato mash
  • sweet potato & cauliflower mash
  • salmon & sweet potato mash
  • plum purée with mashed bananas & a pinch of ground all spice

Indifferent:IMG_3740 - Version 2

Gag reflex activated:

  • blueberry purée

Point blank refused:

  • porridge, regardless of what flavour it may be, whether packet mix or home made. Baby Girl just ain’t having it!

I’m proud to say we’ve made almost all Baby Girl’s meals from scratch. Fiona Wilcock’s book has been fantastic & made it all very easy. We also had the Baby Bullet, which whizzed everything within an inch of it’s life with very little effort. (I’m still using the Bullet in stage 2 for certain things.) But when we went away, we used pouches & jars so we weren’t worrying.

As a result, one flavour has stood out as Baby Girl’s all time favourite. So much so that we couldn’t deny her it when we got home. Weirdly, Spag Bol is my ultimate favourite & has been since I was eating out of jars too. The Other Half groaned as he realised if Baby Girl is requesting Spag Bol too he’ll be eating it on a weekly basis in a few years!


We started weaning Baby Girl from five months. So at six months, we we introduced some finger foods as well so Baby Girl was exposed to different textures & saw food as it actually is – not just whizzed within an inch of its life.

Toast soldiers became a fast favourite. And cucumber sticks have been a god send as they’re super soothing on her itchy gums. I can’t produce them fast enough! But beware, whole grain wheat (ie brown bread) contains a lot of fibre for little tummies & cucumber seeds can cause wind. So we’ve been using white bread & cutting the seeds off. Because Baby Girl produces enough wind as it is!



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