The Wonder Weeks: 8 months & Leap 6

Last week, Baby Girl turned 8 months. I know! I couldn’t quite believe it either.

My days swing between Baby Girl happily playing on the mat while I potter around & chasing her round the apartment, making sure she doesn’t get hold of anything she shouldn’t.

Last week, she discovered the Xbox. When you turn it on, the ‘X’ flashes white with a ‘bee-bee-boop’. I basically watched Pavlov’s dogs in action as she pressed it again, & again, & again, & again… & again. (There’s now a box in front of it.)

Two months since those first tentative shuffles she’s a demon crawler. She’s never happy being still. I turn my back for one second & she’s off round the apartment playing hide & seek. The other day, it went suspiciously quiet & looked up from preparing her lunch to find her gone. I searched the whole apartment (which really isn’t big enough for her to get lost in) before finding her trying to climb in our shower. In the dark.

And six weeks since I first balanced her standing against the chair, Baby Girl is now pushing herself up onto every piece of furniture and padding along from left to right whilst holding on. I can’t believe how fast she progresses. She’s never content with just learning a skill but always looking at what the next step is (quite literally!). At the moment, she’s falling over & bumping her head more than ever as she now tries to let go of the table/sofa/shelf/our hands & stand on her own, but of course her legs just crumble beneath her.

She also has two new favourite games. One, make a dash for the dishwasher as soon as you open it & try to climb inside. Two, chase the vacuum round & try to sit on the nozzle at the front. This is making chores somewhat slow going.

Baby Girl is early for a lot of these skills (cue proud Mama moment). Yet she still has very few fine motor skills. She can’t hold her bottle or sippy cup, she can’t clap & still sometimes misses when she goes to pick a block off the top of the tower. Fine motor skills don’t help her get where she wants to go (i.e., all the way over there, or over there, or back over there) so she seems to have very little interest in fine tuning them.

With month 8 comes the end of another Wonder Weeks leap. Luckily, she hasn’t seemed as phased by this as some of the others (I shudder at the memory of leap 4!) Leap 6, ‘Categories’, is basically her clicking that a cow is not a kitten. She’s transfixed by the smallest details & beginning to categorise everything around her. This leap’s to do list is as follows:

  1. show that she knows some words (‘water’ & ‘all done’ are starting to have a response. ‘No’ still elicits nothing but giggles.)
  2. make it clear she finds something dirty, e.g., by sniffing (not yet)
  3. imitates adults (tick)
  4. recognises herself in the mirror (has clicked if you’re in the mirror, you’re actually behind her. Don’t know if she’s clicked the baby is her though)
  5. can really exaggerate her moods (tick)
  6. plays peek-a-boo by herself (tick – adorable)
  7. challenges others to play a game (tick – usually peek-a-boo)
  8. calls for a song, e.g. by clapping (no, because she still can’t clap!)
  9. begins to practice crawling (yeh, we’ve got this one down.)

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6 thoughts on “The Wonder Weeks: 8 months & Leap 6

  1. natasham says:

    So cute! It’s funny isn’t it…S was the same. Crawling at 7 1/2 months and cruising by 8 but he didn’t clap for ages. Enjoy this stage before she starts walking!!

  2. Amyd says:

    Lovely post! its funny how different the little ones are. A is now also 8 months and has gone down the fine motor skills route of clapping and holding things and is only just now beginning to look like movement is on the cards (as I write this she is pulling my arm down to have a look!) I also love the Wonder Weeks book- so useful when you can’t quite sum up their moods! Hope your managing to get a few minutes peace 🙂

    • amiecaitlin says:

      So lovely that they all have their own preferences & personalities. I have the Wonder Weeks app, not the book. It’s great. & Baby Girl follows it to the letter, which is quite handy! It’s like she’s read it!

  3. Cee Jay says:

    Jade is 8 months as well and all about fine motor skills. Can pick up a pea with her pincer grip and pop it in her mouth, clap blocks together when we play “Click click” and is getting better with holding her bottles, but, not interested in crawling at all. Funny how they all take their own paths down life’s journey, right from the start.

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