Blogfest ’14

Today’s the day! It’s Blogfest 2014!

A while back I was accepted into the MumsNet Blogger’s Network. Blogfest is their annual conference for blogging parents all over the UK to come together, learn some new tricks, discuss the issues we’re facing & meet all the faces behind all the blogs.

It’s been so long since I had to set an alarm (thanks Baby Girl) that I completely forgot to set one for 7am! Luckily, I naturally wake up every couple of hours now so in my groggy state at 6am & I realised (God knows why or how) & was able to grab my phone then roll over for another hour. Clearly someone’s looking out for me.

For a few weeks I umm’d & ahh’ whether to go as tickets were a pretty penny at £95. But I’ve been blogging at bumpbabyandme a year & feel I need to step things up. So eventually I decided Blogfest was probably a pretty penny well spent.

So, today, along with keynote speeches, I’m attending the following breakouts;
1. How to make money from your blog
2. Advanced Social Media
3. Techie tips tricks

I feel a bit like it’s my first day at school. Half excitement, half nerves. I don’t know a soul going, but looking at Twitter, neither do half the other people going. So hopefully we’ll all just get out mingle on & be one big happy Blogfest.

Wish me luck!


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