Review: Leapfrog Learn & Groove Activity Station

AKA: The Disco Donut!

(I realised after using Hyperlapse that it doesn’t record sound unfortunately… but maybe that’s a good thing…!)

An activity centre designed for babies four months & over once they can hold themselves upright. The height is adjustable so it grows with your little one. They can rest in the seat or stand fully supported while they hit, spin, whack, flip, ping & push all the bits & bobs around them. There’s a chewable microphone, shiny disco ball, DJ decks, music book & a keyboard that lights up in time with the music for your baby to enjoy.

The donut has two modes; ‘Learn’ mode encourages language development with the alphabet, numbers & colours along with fine motor skills. The ‘Groove’ mode has multiple nursery rhymes & dance steps.

Price:£85 (but there are loads going cheaper on eBay & Gumtree.)
Worth it? Personally wouldn’t pay £85, but ours was second hand & 100% worth the discounted price.

Thoughts: ****
Baby Girl absolutely loves this. It gives her the independence to stand on her own & entertain herself whilst I cook or potter around. Her legs were noticeably stronger after only a few days; the donut had clearly improved her confidence with standing & testing out her legs. Sometimes she find the table can be over stimulating or tiring, so you do need to keep an eye on them.

Double bonus is there is volume control on the table & you can turn the sound off completely – thank god! – though I find Baby Girl gets bored quicker without the sound. Double bonus is also a double edged sword.

Perhaps the best review I can give this is that a friend’s son (1 day older than Baby Girl) tried it & loved it so much they bought one off eBay the following day.

Downside: you will forever be humming Old McDonald. And ABCD….


2 thoughts on “Review: Leapfrog Learn & Groove Activity Station

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi. I had one of these for my two older children. I loaned it to a friend, who returned it in unusable condition. I have been trying to find another one for over a year. I live in the U.S., but am willing to pay shipping from UK. Do you still have this? If so, would you be willing to sell it? I have contacted a few sellers that I found through my search on gumtree. Please let me know. Thank you!

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