Mama who?

Last week, we started back at Baby Yoga after the summer break. I’d been looking forward to a good stretch for weeks. But when we broke for summer, Baby Girl was just four months. Now she can sit up & crawl.

I spent at least half the 45mins of mums-yoga-time walking across the room & bringing Baby Girl back to the play mats. Then the 15mins of baby-yoga-time battling her to sit still on the mat with me. My time at Baby Yoga may have come to an end.

So today we thought we’d try an NCT a baby meet up* where she could interact with other babies without a prescribed agenda.

I popped Baby Girl on the play mat (the same puzzle pieces we have at home) & let her explore the toys.

IMG_4315-0.JPGShe went on to play without looking at me, even turning away from me completely for the next 30mins. She only began to interact with me because I sat directly in front of her. I was left feeling rather redundant! But was a nice half hour chatting to mums & drinking tea.

I’m reading a book at the moment about Attachment Theory & this either clearly exhibits she’s securely attached & confident enough to play on her own. Or avoidant attached & apparently indifferent to me. Let’s hope for the former!

*Tom’s Kitchen Canary Wharf every Monday, 2-4pm


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