My baby is my boss

This post is from a blog I follow, Underneath the Elephant. My first reblog, I couldn’t resist. Not only is it wonderfully written but Natalie Smithson (@UnderTheEleMum) has managed to capture motherhood perfectly. It was like looking into a mirror of myself & Baby Girl & brought a tear to my eye. Couldn’t have said it better myself: Baby Girl really is my boss.

Underneath the Elephant

Baby contemplatingI remember with real clarity the day my baby daughter first looked at me with an honest question. Mum, why do I feel so bad? Can’t you make it go away? Big eyes, wide open. Her beauty in that moment was devastating. She destroyed the tough outer wall of my heart with one wilting look. With a temperature as high as my alert, we both hoped she could just sleep it off. Up until that day I’d only considered dreaded questions like Mummy, what’s the square root of 289? With a smug surety, I knew these were years off yet and by then I could blame my age for ‘forgetting’ the answer. For now, my daughter is taken care of without question. Life happens to her. The temperature came and went, but her world was beginning to take shape. What she sees is uncomplicated. I am all she knows. It’s…

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One thought on “My baby is my boss

  1. merseyprincess says:

    And it never changes. Even when your baby girl is 25, you feel bad when you can’t make everything right. You want her life to be happy, healthy, carefree & painless. That’s love for you 🙂 xx

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