6 months

Where has the time gone? How are we half way through Baby Girl’s first year? How is it September?! I’ve been looking back at the thousands, yes, thousands, of photos we’ve taken & can’t believe how much she’s changed.

Those sleepy mornings in bed together in the early days seem so long ago. Now she just pats my face & gurgles until I get up & play. Which is lovely in its own way… But the occasional lazy morning wouldn’t go amiss!

Baby Girl is so close to crawling now. She just hasn’t got the arm action yet, though she seems to have got the hang of shuffling backwards. Which just frustrates her as she can never reach the yellow rattle!

She’s an inquisitive one, sitting up unaided, responding to her name & reaching for everything in sight. Then promptly throwing it on the floor. That’s including the iPhone, which she’s clicked is just a distraction for Mama. But more & more, she wants to stand on my knee, expecting me to help hold her there for longer & longer amounts of time. Who needs dumbbells when you have a 16lb baby.

And of course, Baby Girl is a chatter box. Being my daughter (& my mother’s granddaughter) it was inevitable. She babbles away on the play mat, she sings herself to sleep & she coos & calls to us from her highchair. She watches our mouths intently as we respond & you can see the concentration on her face as she desperately tries to form the same sound. But snorting is her favourite though. So ladylike.

But perhaps most exciting of all, right on schedule, Baby Girl has her first two teeth. We felt the first on Saturday as she chomped down on my finger in Rome airport (ow) & the second on Wednesday morning. One toothy grin coming right up!

Everyday brings something new. As cliched as it may sound, it really is incredible watching someone discover things you’ve come to take as instinct for so long. Any day now Baby Girl will be able to clap her hands (cue a hundred clapping games a day to show her what to do – no luck yet) & the idea that she doesn’t even know that action exists in her mind yet is astonishing to me. I wonder what tomorrow will bring…?


2 thoughts on “6 months

  1. ftmguide says:

    My lil girl is only 3 months but i feel like its flown by! When i look back at photos i wonder how she grew so quickly!
    Its amazing how proud you feel of your lil baby even though she is doing things that I guess every human does like hold things! When i saw bub hold her rattle i got so excited and felt so proud! haha…the small achievements feel me with so much joy

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