Book Review: Feeding Your Baby by Fiona Wilcock

"I'm ready!!!"

“I’m ready!!!”

Blurb: published in 2014, a step by step guide to weaning your baby from first tastes to family meals. Feeding Your Baby employs a cross between weaning on purées & Baby Led Weaning. It features a meal planner that can start from five months, if your baby is ready, or that can be adapted to start from six months. Feeding Your Baby covers the following, all in line with current official advice;

  1. Is your baby ready? (including a section for premature babies)
  2. Different foods for different purposes; growing foods vs nutrients & what’s best for baby vs what’s best to avoid
  3. Food shopping for your baby & kitchen preparation: what do you need?
  4. Purée & first meals preparation
  5. Allergies, intolerants & choking
  6. Understanding how much is enough, giving your baby water with their meal or milk along side them & establishing good habits
  7. Meal planner from five months to the toddler years & recipes

Price: £12.99 (Amazon)
Worth it? Definitely

Thoughts: *****
For a first time mom, this was exactly what I needed. I’ve found the weekly planners great, especially when doing the food shopping & planning ahead. But it’s not a strict regime; Wilcock has provided more recipes than the meal planner features so you can pick & choose depending what you have in the fridge. Baby Girl is only on stage 1, but further on it gives you ‘Meals for leisurely days,’ ‘Meals for busy days,’ ‘Storecupboard recipes’ & ‘Economy dishes’ making sure there’s something for everyone & to help you navigate the ever expanding choice of recipes in the back of the book.

Perusing this week's menu...

Perusing this week’s menu…

The recipes appear to be tried & tested, winning Feeding Your Baby it’s fifth star. Nearly three weeks into weaning & so far all my purées have looked like the picture. (I appreciate that it’s not hard to mush up food…) After the first few days, while I was still getting to grips with everything, I’d say Wilcock’s timings are spot on give or take a minute or two. (And depending on whether Baby Girl needs some attention half way through!) IMG_3734



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