Baby Girl’s Naming Ceremony

This weekend, we hosted Baby Girl’s Naming Ceremony. We aren’t religious, so felt a Christening was hypocritical. Instead, we invited our friends & family to a picnic in the park behind our apartment to celebrate the birth of our lovely little girl & to introduce everyone to her ‘Odd Parents’.

SONY DSCThere’s great debate over whether it’s appropriate for non-religious ceremonies to have a Godparent like figure. To which I reply, absolutely. A Godparent’s role is to support & guide a child on their spiritual journey. While we don’t require this for Baby Girl, we’ve asked our two best friends to be the friends they’ve been to us over the years to Baby Girl . This way, she’ll know she has two people in this world always looking out for her, always there for support or to ask those awkward questions to. And who’ll always tell her that pink hair isn’t a good idea.

The day went brilliantly, despite Hurricane Bertha blowing in the week before & threatening to drown us all. Thankfully, the gods were shining down on us (yes, I’m aware of the irony as we had a non-religious ceremony) as the sun found it’s way through the clouds.

Baby Girl’s dad gave a rather heart-felt speech, which I wasn’t allowed to hear before hand. (Much against my better judgement!) People laughed, then they got teary, then we drank bubbles. Baby Girl was the life & soul as she snoozed through the whole thing. Clearly, she is not our daughter!

I think Baby Girl wants a piece...

I think Baby Girl wants a piece…

Of course, no special day is complete without a cake. So last week I got my bake on again, the first time I’ve braved baking with a baby in tow. I’ll be honest, not the least stressful Friday I’ve ever had, even with Mom there to look after Baby Girl!

Our oven is frankly ridiculous. It’s a nightmare. If you follow the instructions and roast a chicken at 180’C, it is burnt in half the time it would usually take to cook. It’s always been a trial and error to use. So, to make a three layer pink ombre cake for Little Miss’ Naming Ceremony, I had to bake nine – yes nine – layers of cake to finally get three acceptable layers. But I got there in the end! (And won’t be baking again for a while… Or at least until we move!)


Thank you to everyone who joined us at the weekend. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.


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