Pears pears, good for the heart…

…The more you eat the more you…

Apparently, this is Baby Girl’s mantra this evening. Pear purée went down well. She had three whole teaspoonfuls & we even got a smile.

She woke up about an hour ago (9:45pm) absolutely screaming the house down. Wouldn’t feed. Wasn’t dirty. Turns out she has the world’s worst wind.

She’s calmed down now & usually, I’d sit quietly, not talking, in the dark waiting for her to fall asleep again. However, she is wide awake so instead, she’s playing with Sophie the Giraffe on a rug in front of me as I desperately try to tire her out again!

But every two minutes or so she either burps or toots. It seems that while Baby Girl was keen on the pear, her digestive system is a bit surprised by it!


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