Weaning: AKA, Mess


Purists, avert your eyes, for we have started weaning Baby Girl at five months. Yes, the official lines are all ‘you’ll kill your baby if you give them anything but breast milk before six months old’ (I may be paraphrasing) but –

1. my entire generation was weaned at four months, & we are very clearly alive & well.
2. we think Baby Girl is ready. She is fascinated by us eating, tries to swipe at our food & most importantly, is starting to sit up on her own.

Baby Rice 

SONY DSCWe started on Friday with Baby Rice. This you mix 1 tsp of rice powder with 10 tsps of your baby’s usual milk. Baby Girl did not like. She just kept looking at us as if to say, ‘You idiots. Why are you serving me milk on a spoon?’ So we knocked that on the head.

Carrot purée 

SONY DSCSaturday we tried carrot, prepared by my own fair hands… Jesus purées are hard work! To get them smooth enough for our Precious Little-Bean, I had to whizz that carrot with cooled boiled water for about 30 minutes. And after all that? Baby Girl does not like carrot. At all. She didn’t like it on Sunday either.

Broccoli purée 

IMG_3569 - Version 2Now, broccoli is probably my favourite vegetable. So I was feeling optimistic.

Monday, I prepared broccoli purée, this time, made with her usual milk. I whizzed & I whizzed & I whizzed for nearly an hour to get it smooth. (Turns out this was really boring & Baby Girl decided to have a nap after only about 15 minutes. Either that or the food processor sounds like Ewan the Sheep & tricked her into sleeping!)

6pm came, we cleared the table, got her all set up, bib on, broccoli ready, and?

Baby Girl likes broccoli! Woohoo!

Never have I felt so relieved. If I had wasted an hour of my life whizzing that broccoli within an inch of it’s life & she hadn’t liked it, she might not have been the only one crying!

It was lovely to watch. I presented her with the spoon and she just mushed it with her hand, then began to spread it all over the tray. The next spoonful, she started sucking it off her fingers. After a few goes at this, she let me put the spoon in her mouth twice & a third time even pulled it into her mouth herself. Her dad kept laughing at me I was so excited. By the end, there was green mush everywhere.

It becomes very clear to me now why it was recommended we got her into the habit of bottle then bath. Because when bottle becomes dinner, she needs it!

Tonight, we’re sticking with a good thing & she’s having broccoli again & tomorrow she gets to try pear. We’re loosely following a plan set out in Feeding Your Baby by Fiona Wilcock to make sure Baby Girl is introduced to vitamin full foods along with yummy ones. I can hear her stirring, however, so my time is up. Time to down my coffee & get back on the merry-go-round! I’ll post separately about the book another day.


Baby Girl looks on as I whizz my life away with a food processor. 



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