The Wonder Weeks: 5 months & Leap 5

Baby Girl is now changing visibly every day, learning something new, trying something new, surprising us (& herself) all the time. Last month her personality was really beginning to shine through.This month, it’s all about physical ability.

SONY DSCBaby Girl is rolling left, right & centre now. And for the last two weeks or so is already starting to show signs of crawling. When lying on her tummy, she kicks up onto her knees & pushes forward, sliding her face along the ground. (She’s not quite mastered lifting bum & head at the same time yet.)

She also sat up on her own the other day for the first time. She was sat in her bouncy chair & sat bolt up right. My heart was in my mouth as she nearly toppled the chair forwards. So that’s that then. We officially can’t turn our backs on her at all.

Alas, with month five comes Leap 5. 30 days of cranky, confused, overwhelmed baby. Oh goodie. So how do we know Leap 5 is under way?

Leap 5: reaching for Ewan the Sheep in her sleep

Leap 5: reaching for Ewan in her sleep

  1. Cries more, more often or longer. Tick. (Sad face.)
  2. Asks for more attention. Tick. (Tired face.)
  3. Sleeps less or worse and eats less. Thankfully, not sleeping less. No more sleep regression! Hallelujah! But yes, we’re struggling to get her to have a full feed.
  4. Protests & fusses when changing their diaper or clothes. Yep.
  5. ‘Talks’ to her teddy looking for comfort. Yep, she shuffles up the cot to Ewan & often falls asleep holding his foot. Utterly adorable.
  6. Has mood-swings.
  7. Is not pleased with many things. Her dad said this & the mood-swings is just her becoming a woman & nothing to do with Leap 5. The cheek!

And what is Baby Girl mastering this time?

  1. interested in people who ‘act differently’ to ‘normal’
  2. immense interest in details, eg, zippers, labels or stickers.
  3. lifts things up to see if anything is below
  4. tries to untie laces
  5. throws something to see the content
  6. puts food in the mouth of others
  7. makes connections between words & deeds
  8. blows air
  9. protests when parents walk away
  10. imitates sounds with her tongue
  11. standing up with a little help or pulls herself to an upward position

Not all of these are obvious to us yet but will become so over the coming month(s). However, Baby Girl definitely loves a label – whether it’s a muslin or a stuffed bunny, she finds that label & chews it to death! She’s throwing things all over the place too; whether it’s to discover the contents I’m not sure. Seems more like a game of how-many-times-will-Mama-pick-it-up to me. She’s also just started blowing raspberries this week & howls if she’s left alone in a room.

Baby Girl’s been ‘standing’ & taking her own weight for at least a month. My arms are getting stronger by the day as often she refuses to sit, lie down, do anything but stand on my lap. So in short, she’s raring to go.

"Ooooh! Labels"

“Ooooh! Labels”

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