The best company

This year has been a biggun for my group of girls from school. We’ve had our first friend buy a house, our first baby, our second engagement & this week, our first wedding. Not gunna lie, it was emotional.

This particular friend, however, lost her heart to Devon before she lost it to a boy. So we all traipsed down to the beautiful ars-end-of-no-where (spot the city-dweller…) for three days.

Baby Girl was a joy on what could have been a painfully long train journey. Windows still provide her with endless entertainment. & on the way home, post my first real night out (today’s been tough), we fell asleep curled up in a seat together. Baby Girl gives the best cuddles. Even when you’re suffering from your first hangover in 13 months!

20140807-095109 pm-78669993.jpg

Ps – big shout out & massive thanks to my mom who came with us to help look after Baby Girl during the evening so her dad & I could relax & enjoy ourselves!


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