Me time

Hello old self. Haven’t seen you in a while. Welcome back to the land of the living.

Yesterday, I left Baby Girl with her dad armed with bottles for his first day shift. He was feeling quite nervous.

I on the other hand felt liberated.

At 6am, the other half took over as chief playmate while I had a lie in followed by a leisurely shower. I blow dried my hair, put on a very non-breastfeeding-friendly top, chose out some dangly earrings, picked up my expensive non-child-friendly handbag & ran out of the house before he could change his mind.

I had a leisurely breakfast coffee & a pastry, while I leisurely flipped through Cosmo. (Are you seeing the theme of the day yet?)

I mooched around the shops, bought absolutely nothing for myself & everything for the house from photo frames to a Swiffer brush – I know, so rock-‘n’-roll. But I didn’t matter. I was just enjoying being able to browse & mooch rather than whizzing round the shops with military precision having researched what I was going for beforehand so as to get it done in the space of a single nap time. (I’ve learned the hard way Baby Girl doesn’t particularly like shopping.)

It’s amazing how quickly I forgot myself though.  I opened the front door calling out ‘Hellooo!’. The other half rushed through the kitchen door hissing, ‘shhh!’. How many times have I cursed someone for doing exactly the same thing? Clearly Amie needed to check herself at the door & let Mama return.

Baby Girl wasn't sure what to make of her Dad's attempts at getting her to sleep...

Baby Girl wasn’t sure what to make of her Dad’s attempts at getting her to sleep…

It was great for Baby Girl’s dad to have an insight into my day though as it’s changed considerably since his Paternity Leave. I didn’t exactly go easy on him; I left him all the bottles to wash, sterilise & prepare in the morning & not much more instruction than, ‘she goes down about every two to three hours for about 45 minutes. But just look for the tired signs. The more you play the more you wear her out.’ He said he had a lot more fun than he expected, which was lovely to hear & he even managed to empty the dishwasher & put the laundry away. In truth, I’m slightly disappointed he didn’t have any poo-bombs or sick-explosions to deal with, but perhaps Baby Girl could sense she should go easy.

This morning, however, it’s back to business as usual. My coffee has already been in the microwave once as I failed to drink it the first time. I’m sat writing this post hurriedly while Baby Girl naps & have looked down to realise I have poo on my top. Yep, Mama’s back. But it’s nice to know that Amie’s still in there.


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