Head bumps no more!

We have wood floors, which aren’t particularly baby friendly. The more active Baby Girl gets, the more blankets I’ve had to layer up to protect her tender head as she throws herself around.

Well all that is a thing of the past… We have a new floor…

20140801-053144 pm-63104896.jpgSadly, Baby Girl was napping when they arrived so I had to wait patiently to play. Or did I…

20140801-053725 pm-63445294.jpgBut Baby Girl woke eventually & seems quite at home already.

20140801-053929 pm-63569659.jpgWe got 36 EVA foam puzzle pieces for £15, including delivery, off eBay [click to view UK listing]. And they’re great. Only 1cm thick but absorb all bumps & tumbles brilliantly.

They’re also really easy to take apart, move around or make shapes out of for Baby Girl to play with. Or tear apart as seems to be more her style. No idea where she might have got a destructive streak from. No idea at all.

20140801-055957 pm-64797022.jpg


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