Baby Girl’s Nursery

20140724-021004 am-7804955.jpgIn the lead up to our due date, we weren’t sure whether we’d stay in our current apartment past June. So we held off buying much specially for Baby Girl’s room until we knew where’d we be a bit more long term. Well, we’ve recently resigned on our lease so it’s shopping time! Within reason. Sadly, the landlord still refuses to move the spare bed out of her room, so she’s still in her travel cot for the foreseeable future until we figure out where to store the bed or persuade the landlord to move it to make room for an actual cot. But, thanks to my Dad & H, we have at long last got a proper changing table. As opposed to a changing mat on the floor, which was killing my back, it has to be said. Of course, nothing is straight forward. I found Boori, an Australian nursery furniture brand, on the Mothercare website, but they were out of stock. So I checked out the Boori website & discovered the 4-drawer chest. Of course, I set my heart on last season’s stock, which is now out of stock at all the major UK stockists. Refusing defeat, I started calling round all the small, local stockists across the UK to see if they had any. And low & behold, there was a little place in Wembly – Just Kidding – who still had one. Et voila! One Boori 4-drawer chest with removable changing tray on top. So when the time comes, it can be easily converted into a normal chest of drawers for her. It only took us 4 months! Next up, soft furnishings…


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