Confessions of a Bad Mama

Baby Girl has given me her cold & I feel well & truly rough. She’s still not 100% either so lots of cuddles, lots of singing to try & sooth her.

However, I’m ashamed to admit that for the first time, this morning I’ve sat her in the bouncy chair & switched on CBeebies for half an hour so I can have a cup of tea, dig out the Beachums & sit for 30 minutes & give my weary, coughing & sneezing self a breather.

She’s completely enthralled, giggling away chewing on her teethers mindlessly. She hasn’t torn her eyes away from the screen once. I feel such a bad mother.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Bad Mama

  1. Kayleigh says:

    Don’t be ashamed! be happy you are past the days when you couldn’t get a moment to yourself 🙂 you’re a great mum if you worry about being a bad mum in my opinion!!!

  2. myworldlifeandmeplus2 says:

    Don’t feel bad or call you’re self a bad mama. We all need a moment to dedicate just to us! My son (year and a half now) has watched movies off and on for a while now. Honestly it’s something that keeps his attention and after we play some colour games or letters! Don’t feel bad.

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